November 10, 2008

So Many Monks

-Early morning scene.-

A timeless wonder of Luang Prabang occurred every morning. Long before many of the tourists rolled from their beds, the monks of Luang Prabang rose to begin their day. They start off before sun-rise, walking the streets to gather food from the locals. This food would be their rations for the coming day. We were dumb-struck as we witnessed hundreds of robed monks stream from every temple in sight to greet the locals on main street. The locals in return, would wait on mats by the road, baskets of food in hand waiting to earn their Karma for the day. While we might not uphold or agree with the Buddhist religion, we were touched by this time-worn tradition.

-Young monks collecting sticky rice for their days rations.-

-Many, many monks walked the streets gathering food for the day and providing citizens with good luck in return.-

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