October 22, 2008

The National Museum of Singapore

-Significant photos from Singapore's history.-

The National Museum of Singapore holds, by far, the most intriguing exhibits that we've ever had the pleasure of viewing. Reconstructed in 2006, the museum houses the complete history of this tiny island country. It presents its information in the most interactive methods possible. Walking around with an overgrown i-pod the visitor can choose which approach they want to take to learning: listening, watching or reading. We both greatly enjoyed our time exploring all that the museum had to offer.

-The museum stimulated all of one's senses in the pursuit of a memorable lesson on how Singapore became the nation that it is today.-

-This shot was taken in an exhibit showing how, as the nation changed, the fashion followed suit.-

Covered in the museum were exhibits on pre and post war. Exhibits on the changes that had occurred from the time that Singapore was founded as a colony by the Dutch, later to be taken by the famous British nobleman, Sir Stamford Raffels. Trev and I were able to relive the last moments before the Japanese had subdued and conquered the allied troops. We felt like we were there, during the Japanese occupation when the citizens were bound between loyalty to the British, loyalty to the Sing. nation itself and loyalties to their oppressors. And, after all of this, we were able to walk through the changes of the struggling nation as it fought to find its identity as an independent port-nation in an ever modernizing world.

-A lesson on the origin of mankind on the beautiful island of Singapore.-

-Music and motion picture's influence on a developing nation.-

-Trev's favorite 'Sing' song from the 60's.-

--Significant photos from Singapore's history.-

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