October 14, 2008

Four Days and Four Nights: Komodo Boat Trip

Journal Excerpt - Day 1
October 6th, 2008
Today we left the comforts of the Gilis' and traded our beach front cottage for a mat on the deck of a small boat.

-Our home for four days, on the left. Sambawa, Indonesia.-

We started off early, catching a small canoe-shaped boat to the dreaded Bangsal harbour on Lombok's mainland. In the parking lot we caught a small little van to Mataram. The full, little vehicle allowed us our first chance to meet the sixteen people we would be sharing the deck of the boat with for the next four nights.

In Mataram, we grabbed some money and waited for our boat crew to arrange a few things, then we were off. Our adventure began today with a VERY sweaty, sketchy and squishy bus ride across Lombok on which we picked up, adding to our van of eighteen adults plus luggage:
  • 170 large bottles of beer (strapped to the roof)
  • 50 cans of Coke and 50 cans of Sprite (also strapped to the roof)
  • a massive bunch of pineapple and corn (you guessed it, on the roof)
  • and 10 chickens in gunny sacks (not on the roof but strapped to the bumper, riding in front of the car!! Poor chickens)


We arrived in the harbour intact... amazingly enough. We got our first glimpse of our home for the next four days and four nights. At first sight it seemed impossible that we would fit sixteen tourists and 5 crew on the old little boat and have the boat still sea worthy. Yikes! I'm glad that there are life jackets.

-Our sleeping arrangements while on board.-

Once on the water, our journey took us across the strait between the islands of Lombok and Sambawa. The waves were violent. Trev and I laid down on the top deck, we were holding onto the railing so that we wouldn't be tossed across the deck. Trev was almost sick. I thought for sure the boat was going to tip. Both of us wondered what we'd gotten ourselves into.

-Trev sleeping sleeping through the rough seas.-

After we safely made it across the strait and started traveling behind the island of Sambawa the waters became quite calm, thankfully.

And, now, we're stopped for the night, somewhere in the ocean and settling in under the stars.

-Sunset off of Sambawa.-

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