September 20, 2008

Roo's Land

-Kangaroo crossing sign. North Stradbroke Island, Australia.-

We've spent the last week on the golden coasts of Australia, soaking in the sun and wrestling the waves. North Stradbroke Island, yet another island found by Captain Cook and our favorite of all the coastal regions to date, was a much needed break from our time in the big cities of New Zealand and Australia. We have always loved island life and Stradbroke was no exception. Virtually unknown in the tourism circles the island was laid back and carefree, white-sand beaches as far as the eye could see, small town corner grocers', and friendly folk willing to chat.

-A suspicious little Kookaburra we met along our travels one day.-

Highlights of our island stay included spotting schools of dolphins, narrowly escaping a Great White Shark (well... we were at the right beach but just not in the water), meeting a cute kookaburra, strolling along the empty beaches, wrestling with the waves and playing in the world's most perfect sand.
We are off to Indonesia in a few days... if you don't hear from us, blame it on third-world internet connections. We will keep you posted as best as we can. Cheers!

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Jen said...

Awww... it sounds like you guys are having tons of fun! It's great to read about your adventures.