September 12, 2008

Down Under

-A night view of the Opera House from across Circular Quay.-

Just to prove that we've actually made it to Australia we thought that we'd post some pictures.

-Standing opposite the Sydney Opera House.-

We arrived in Sydney EARLY Monday morning. It was so early in fact that we just turned right around and went straight back to bed as soon as we got in. Finding a nice place that fit a budget was hard in New Zealand and we quickly found that it was almost impossible here. And so, we're staying in a dodgy little flat. The rent comes in on budget but we've found ourselves cleaning just to stay sane, checking our shoes for the world's deadliest spiders (funnel-web spiders, known to dwell in old apartments within Sydney) and yes, already avoiding the very 'special' owner.

-View from the Harbour Bridge.-

-The historic Harbour Bridge.-

On the positive side, we love Sydney. Once again we are overwhelmed with the active nature of the city and it's citizens. We are loving the abundant park systems as well as the colonial architecture that has a tendency to make Sydney look a little more like London and a little less like the 'outback'. Our shady little flat is located within an easy walking distance of the Sydney Harbour and so the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the massive botanical gardens running through the heart of the city.

-The 'ribs' or support braces for the roof of the world famous Sydney Opera House.-

-The intricate outer-shell of the Opera House.-

-The building on the left is the actual opera hall, the building on the right is the concert hall and in the background, downtown Sydney.-

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