July 13, 2008

Innocent Tourist Murdered in North Korea

In the days after we posted our latest on the North Korean tours to Kaesong and Geumgangsan this is what hits the news:
South Korean Tourist Killed at Geumgang Mountain

In short, a South Korean tourist, doing the same Mount Geumgang tour we had done previously this year was shot and killed while taking a short walk. When she was spotted in a restricted zone she was warned not to proceed. When, out of terror, she fled she was shot twice and killed.

The North is blaming the South; the South is demanding an explanation and an apology from the North.

When we have ventured up into North Korea we have consoled ourselves with the though that the North Koreans:
  1. Need our money and therefore would not harm a foreigner.
  2. Don't want to jeopardize their small but lucrative tourist industry.
  3. Wouldn't want to kill an alien visitor because of the negative publicity and international backlash they would receive.
Boy, were we wrong!!

Just thought that we would post this for you all to see. Take a look.

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