June 6, 2008

Seogwipo Harbor

Up River

-Just a little guy. Geolmae Ecological Park, Jeju, Korea.-

Our first day in Jeju, a small island 100km off the southern most tip of Korea, was spent exploring the local harbor. With a beautifully sunny day, we walked from mid-morning until early afternoon fascinated by almost everything. From waterfalls to palms, snails to spiders, nothing was left unnoticed. It was such a needed break from the pace of the city and a wonderful time to be outside, away from the throngs of people were now accustomed to.

While exploring the uncharted territories of Seogwipo city, the harbor and the orange groves, the mid-day heat gave us quite a sun-burn. But it was worth the peeling and the pain just to feel fresh and alive again.

-Cheon-ji-yeon Waterfall, Jeju, Korea.-

Cheon-ji-yeon Waterfall, Koreans believe, is the place where the angels would secretly come down to bathe. Now, it doesn't look like much in this shot but it is considered the Natural Monument No. 27. Which, for those of you who don't live in Korea, means that they are ranked the 27th most beautiful Natural Monument in all of South Korea. We have found in our time here that Koreans must put numbers on everything in order to rank all things in relative importance. Because of a strong Confucianism background, everything from national treasures right down to people and relationships are ranked.

-Just down from the Cheon-ji-yeon Waterfall and just before the river meets the harbor. -

The Harbor

-Seogwipo Harbor, Jeju, Korea.-

Seogwipo's quaint little harbor... well, maybe not so little as fishing is their main source of income. We found that both day or night, the harbor was an interesting place to visit. The sights and smells were so foreign to us native prairie folk.

- Seogwipo, Jeju, Korea.-

We spent a good portion of the day shell hunting. One of our favorite past times. In the background you can see Tiger Island, named because it looks like a Tiger about to pounce.

-Seogwipo, Jeju, Korea.-

Dinner! Well, not really... we didn't cook them but the next night we ate their brothers for dinner at the Shilla hotel. Now that was a whole other experience.

-Seogwipo harbor, Jeju, Korea.-

Ma and Pa chillin' on interlocking Tetrapods or, in more simple terms, cement wave breakers which are placed to minimize the erosion of the shore.

-Seogwipo Harbor, Jeju, Korea.-

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