June 22, 2008

A Political Move, In My Opinion

What should have been the game of the century ended up being just a little suspicious.

-Traditional guards signaling the beginning of the game. In the background a sea of red supporting the South Korean flag.-

-Sara, Jess, Rach, Trev, Jeff and Jen. A great group of friends!!-

This past weekend, we had the amazing opportunity to watch Korea Republic (South Korea) take on their rivals to the north, Korea DPR. This match up was part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifier, but it seemed like something was a little 'off' and I don't mean just the game. The South dominated in possession, foot work and had the hometown advantage. There were many shots on the North Korean goal but all shots were shockingly wide and high. That is all expect for one which was a direct shot into the the goalkeepers chest. The final score, 0-0. Can anyone say, 'political move'?!?

- A goal kick. South in red, North in white.-

-World Cup Stadium, Seoul, South Korea.-

So, why do I think throwing the game was a political move to on the part of South Korea? Because, logically, all evidence shows that there was nothing to lose by tying for either team. Both teams had already qualified for the finals and so there was little to no harm in throwing the game for political advances. Also considering that back in March, when the two teams last met, there was mounting tension as the South Korean Anthem and flag were refused at the game in North Korea's capital city, Pyongyang. So, with a win not necessary and a rocky relationship to patch up, it seems to us that this once excellent team all of the sudden lowered their shooting skills to that of a peewee team to appease their northern brothers.

-Watch out! We're armed and dangerous...just ask Sara.-


Anonymous said...

Oh baby - Look out "Mighty Mouse"!!!
However - looks like those air filled "nunchuks" were effective in creating elbow room. A feat not easily achieved in Seoul.
What you gonna do when Becker's not there to take your back??

jeff said...

Hmmm. Interesting theory. I never took you to be a conspiracy theorist though!!!

Yeah, there were definitely a lot of high and wide shots, but I don't know if that was any different than any other game.

Either way, it was great to be out at a game. I had forgotten how energetic it can feel to be around so many excited fans!!