May 22, 2008

The Heart of China

-China's young and old. The Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China.-

Standing at the Temple of Heaven, or even Tiananmen Square, or craning my neck up to look at the mind-boggling Forbidden City Gate will never cease to amaze me. As I stood there I wondered if anyone could really ever comprehend all of the history that had been lived out right there, right where we were standing. Existing there in silence I could not help but feel the whispers of all of the ghosts of ancient times. Creepy. Ernie. Overpowering. And, strong.

- A store just outside the gates of the Forbidden City . Beijing, China.-

- He seemed to be enjoying whatever it was that was in his pipe. Underground passage between Tiananmen and the Forbidden City.-

China's history has been one of force and weakness, unity and brokenness, accomplishments and set backs. Yet, witnessing the change of China with my own eyes, even in these past two years, has baffled me. Taken from Hutongs, slum areas, to world-class architectural feats, Beijing's skyline has truly made itself into a kind of modern day Cinderella. But, what of all of those people who have lost their homes, their cars, their jobs and more recently their lives and all for the face of the Olympics?

-Being a bicycle repair man must not be the most appealing job in China. Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.-

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