February 12, 2008

Viewer Discretion Advised

-Rachel's school, Ducksoo Middle School-

Camping back home in the mountains always had its moments of discomfort but who would have known that going to the bathroom in the public schools would be equally as uncomfortable as going to the bathroom on a below freezing night out in the mountains.

Let me explain, it's said that the public schools are the coldest buildings in the country; not because they don't have heat but because they have no concept of proper insulation. The only areas that have heat are the classrooms but they're cold too because of the two inch gaps in the window. Most students and teachers will never take off their coats while in the school and it's not uncommon to see your breath while walking in the halls.

-Trevor's school, Heung-in Elementary School-

But, when a room manages to retain heat, it becomes unbearable to be in. My office just happens to be one of those rooms. The heater is set for 26°C and when the midday sun shines through the window, our office cooks. I'm usually the first in the office after lunch and when it feels like 30°C, my natural train of thought is to turn off the heater. When the older Korean teachers walk in, they go straight for the heater and turn it back on, and realizing that the room is hot, they open a window instead.

Unfortunately, the bathrooms are not like my office, they are more like the halls; no heat, all the windows open. I keep thinking that I'm going to see ice in the toilet one day. Infact one of Rachel's school's sinks was frozen over, like a little skating rink, just this week and when it's that cold, I usually choose the awkwardness of a squat pot over freezing my butt cheeks on the seat of a western toilet.


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Anonymous said...

Hi!~ Rachel.
This is Min-sun. It's been a long time since I left Poly.

I'm surprised because you are here now. I heard that you go back to Canada.

I'd been in New Zealand for a year. I just came back to Korea now. I really wanted to contact to you but i didn't get your blog address in New Zealand.
Anyway, It's good news. I want to meet you if you have a time and also if you miss me.^^
Now i'm taking a rest.^^

I'll pray everything goes well for you and Trevor. I lookingforward to aseeing you again.
Take care! ^______^~~

P.S My cell phone No. 010-7756-6570
E-mail firelight71@yahoo.co.kr