February 21, 2008

The Children of Indonesia

-Sanur, Bali, Indonesia-

It wasn't the pristine tropical sunsets that stole our hearts in Indonesia, nor was it the friendly people, diverse culture or amazing food. It wasn't the lush jungles or thundering waterfalls. The worlds richest oceans teeming with yet to be discovered marine life did not even tip the scale. No, it was the adorable, fun-loving children who pocketed our hearts and have not given them back.

-Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia-

Running, diving and playing on the beach seemed to be one of their favorite activities. The fun appeared so enticing that even the Indonesian adults could not resist the pull of the warm water and many ended up fully immersed and splashing around.

-Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia-

Their version of a snowball, the sand ball, was a tad more complicated to make but defiantly rivaled its colder cousin in its effectiveness.

-Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia-

On the small island of Gili Air the children had a homemade canoe. And, with this homemade canoe they would keep themselves occupied, happy and laughing all afternoon and into the early evening.

Under a grass hut on the beach, listening to the laughter was the next best alternative.

-Swimming Hole, Git Git Air-terjun, Bali, Indonesia-

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