February 19, 2008


Take a look at these tantalizingly delicious, ridiculously expensive Rice Krispies squares which we have been anticipating for the past year and a half. Being one of our favorite treats, and with Kelloggs being a global company, we had no idea that the pursuit of these gourmet treats would be half as difficult as it proved it's self to be.

We purchased the marshmallows from Costco, picked up some butter from King's Mart, the only thing left to get was the ₩16,600 box of Rice Krispies from the foreign food market.

That's right sixteen thousand won!!
Translated into Canadian, $17.00!!

Now, before you go thinking that we have so much money that we throw it away in such frivolous manners, I need to tell you that we were fortunate enough to have a friend with connections. These connections just happened to land us two boxes of Rice Krispies hot off the American base! And practically free, with the exception of a sticky pan of squares.

And, yes, they were delectable!

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