January 3, 2008

The Rest of the Story...

New Year's didn't end at The Shilla. No. We carried New Year's on as long as we possibly could. After leaving our evening of high-class socializing we headed on down to the streets for some good old noribongin' (karaoke) and a midnight snack at the Kimbop Chunggu. On the stroke of midnight we all rushed into the street to hoot and holler in the new year. Notice the lack of Koreans on the street behind.

-Rach, Trev, Jess Becker, Ruda, Jess Crew, Nate and Hilary-

-Hilary and Jess Becker-

Happy New Year to you all!
We wish you health and happiness for this year to come. All the best to you and yours in 2008.


Peter & Lorraine said...

Howdy from snowy Alberta! Thanks for the thanks, seems a bit silly to say that! A little taste of home is always welcome I am sure.

We really enjoy reading your blog and seeing how things are going for you. What an adventure! Hope everything is going as good as it seems! We have especially enjoyed the photos. I think there is a second career potential there Trevor!

Happy New Year!
Peter (and Lorraine)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that there is a store in Korea called "Athletes foot" DO they know what that is??? I hope it isn't a shoe store!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you, it is a shoe store!! Oh, Korea!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! love the Maley's