December 13, 2007


There were two things that I have always wanted to say I have had the pleasure of doing: one, attend the symphony and two, see Handel's timeless composition, Messiah. Who would have thought that I would accomplish both in Korea and in one evening, no less.

Earlier this week our good friends, John and Roz, graciously invited us to accompany them to the Sejong Art Center. There we were witness to a choir, boasting over 500 members, accompanied by a full symphony and lead by a world class director, as they preformed Handel's masterpiece, Messiah. We were very pleased to have been offered this opportunity.

While the performance was carried out entirely in Korean, nothing deprived me of awe as I sat back in the grand old theater and experienced the massed harmonies of a choir and symphony masterfully synthesizing into a soul wrenching composition. I can imagine that, no matter of the tongue of the performers, the music would be able to capture even the most illiterate and in-comprehensive of audiences; namely myself.

-The majestic face of the Sejong Arts Center in downtown Seoul.-

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wow I love the tree!!! JR