November 9, 2007

Korean + English = Konglish

For those of you who have been following our adventures for the past year you should remember the unique topic of Konglish. And, for those of you who have better things to do than read our constant ramblings or who may have a short term memory, much like my own, here is a little refreshment.
  • Konglish is a mix between the Korean language (Hangul) and the English language, as the title suggests.
We may be slow at picking up Hangul but we have mastered the art of Konglish. Here are a few treats for those of you who enjoy the effects of merging cultures.

-This disater happened when my students decided that they wanted to make a class shirt. They wanted text on the back. Instead of asking me to proofread, they sent the draft off to the printers. Hence the result.-

-And my personal favorite. Call it as you may, but I find this notebook hilarious. Any casual conversation is not complete without, "I'm on my way to poo-poo. It's a sort of emergency situation!"-


Kirstin said...

Well really, who hasn't been in that situation.


Jillanna and Drew said...

I so want that notebook! That is AWESOME!

Trevor & Rachel said...

We'll see if we can find more.

Kirstin said...

The problem is when you get final papers handed in written in Konglish...

Trevor & Rachel said...

Now that would be a problem!