October 21, 2007

Seoul Land

Monday was my first field trip as a Korean public school teacher. And as far as I can figure middle school kids in Korea only get two trips a year which understandably marked this as a momentous occasion for them. Our destination only added to the excitement level. Seoul Land, one of the largest amusement parks in Korea and located in the 'countryside' it was chosen as an ideal spot for our fall picnic. Needless to say there was no picnic involved.

Before getting on any rides I spotted this fantastic sign. Here is your monthly dose of Konglish. Only in Korea would they specify: No Drunken Ride, Not Allowed to Medical Sensitivity or my personal favorite, Not Allowed to Pregnant. If the Konglish isn't enough to make you laugh the great illustrations should help.

One more pondering for you before I sign out. The street, pictured above, I was told was not busy. Seeing how it was a Monday and most students were in school we had the run of the place. Judge for yourself. While it is no Myong-dong shopping on Christmas eve, I would not call this anything less than crowded.

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Anonymous said...

awesome sign. very funny. how was the field trip? did you get my email for trevor? sven