October 12, 2007

Larger Than Life

So we're not exactly in the movies, and we barely made the papers but we did make it onto a very large poster on the front of our district's head office. This picture was taken on our first day here in our new province of Jung-Gu. It was taken at a ceremony to welcome the foreign teachers. Look close enough and you will see me standing next to the district superintendent and the mayor. Trevor, however, was shoved to the back row because of his height.

As a point of interest, all of the foreigners in this picture are the first native English speaking teachers to ever enter, let alone teach at the school they were assigned to this year. To put it into perspective, out of my 700 students about 10 of them had seen a foreigner in person before. So walking into school, even now, a month and a half later we still feel a little like a mix between a clown and a rock star.

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jeff said...

Ha! I love it. I wish we were so famous here!! I think our district is like "whatever, we've had English teachers before, no big deal..." All the hoopla was already spent on our predecessors. Hehe.

Really though, it's one thing to take a group picture, but it's quite another to make such a HUGE banner two and a half stories tall. It's ridiculously hilarious! I love it.