August 4, 2007

Way Up High in the Sky

Today was our last day with the Olson families in Swift Current. So to leave a lasting impression we took the boys to DQ for some ice cream and returned them to their mother right before bed time high on life (also known as sugar). As we were walking up to Joline's door about to retire the boys to their mother's bedtime routines we remembered that one day there may be the possibility of pay-back so we stayed for a while to help run off their delicious evening treat.

After that it was a blur of red shirts and flying kids. I'm not entirely sure how Zane ended up high in the branches of the tree outside of Jo's house or, for that matter, why Raith had to jump for safety and run for his life from a huge giant we like to call Uncle Trevor.

We will miss Swift Current and our family. And it is odd to think that these little guys will be a lot bigger, brighter, and busier when we return in a year and a half.

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Peter & Lorraine said...

Good thinking! What goes around does come around!