August 19, 2007

Bad Landing

As we were packing up camp and heading out we ran into a news reporter from Edmonton. This being an altogether odd experience, we inquired as to his awkward presence in the mountains. Obligingly he informed that there had been an accident in the vicinity the day before. It seems that there had been a helicopter crash. Fact is, one of the Icefield choppers had gone down in the lake after a few mechanical difficulties. We feel that the above picture best captures his interest in the heart of the David Thompson Wilderness.

We were relieved to discover that no one was injured and that the two French tourists escaped without harm. Really, the only harm done was in the leaking of jet fuel into an awe-inspiring clean mountain lake.


Peter & Lorraine said...

Hey Trev and Rachel, Our son Kevin started classes today at SAIT in Calgary in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology. After his first class he talked to Tony, his friend and classmate and found out that it was Tony that crashed the helicopter into the lake and saved those tourists. He is sore but OK!! PTL!! Also the helicopter was owned by one of the SAIT Instructors! Small world eh?

Peter & Lorraine said...

As further comment - this is not a reflection on the teaching at SAIT! More on the "boss".

Florence Lomprez said...

Hi, I found this picture on the net. I'm one of the french tourist that was in the helicopter, I was there with my husband and I never saw that picture before.
Florence Lomprez