July 9, 2007

Jeju Island

So... we justified this as our anniversary trip and splurged on a hotel. However, the best thing about the hotel was not the huge room that rivaled our apartment in size. It was not the crazy comfortable bed or the luxurious monster-sized bathroom. Nor was it the fact that we were treated like royalty all weekend with trips to the spa, room service and chauffeured cars.

No, the best thing about our hotel was the fact that it was situated on a lavish cliff above a untarnished endless ocean. On one side of the hotel was what we refer to as "our beach". We spent the majority of our time there, playing, digging, rock-throwing and soaking up the fresh ocean air on the beautiful black volcanic sand.

Korea, for those of you who don't know, is over ladened with its own populace. Regardless, due to some miracle, we were only happened upon by two visitors while on this beach; an older Korean man and his Filipino friend. Both very friendly and both passionate about God and the blessing that he had created when he made Jeju. In fact between broken English, some pathetic Korean (that's on our part), and a little Filipino we managed to follow our visitors past a waterfall and to an amazing site where the Korean man claimed to have found God. "Impossible," was the the term that he used, impossible for anyone but an all powerful God to create this majesty.

When we did leave our beach it was only for a short time. On the opposite side of the hotel was a sparkling white sand oceanfront, Jungmun Beach. While it was beautiful and lived up to its title as one of the top twelve beaches in South Korea the International Surfing competition (which was ironically comprised of all Koreans) drove us back to our perfectly secluded beach.

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Peter & Lorraine said...

Isn't God so good to give us what we need when we need it to soothe our ragged spirits and emotions!