July 18, 2007

A $1000.00 Carrot

Monday night we returned home from a farewell dinner with Trevor's staff to discover our little Kimchi was very ill; unresponsively laying on the floor, vomiting large amounts of blood and refusing to eat or drink.

Because of the late hour, and without a contact number for our regular vet we were at a loss as to what to do. So at 2 am we called a good Korean friend, Jay, who located and escorted us to a 24 hour animal emergency hospital. Kimchi was admitted immediately and has now been there for three days. A ton of X-rays, medicine, I.V.'s, and endoscopic equipment later we were relieved to find that Kimchi will be fine. It was not poison as we first dreaded, nor was it internal bleeding or some kind of chronic illness. It was in fact a carrot of all things!

Now that the ordeal is all finished, it is rather comical that a seemingly harmless carrot stick could cause so many tears, sleepless hours, and so much stress. Not to mention that everything considered the bill is going to range in the $1000 area. Now that is one expensive carrot!


Sprogger said...

What a beautiful dog.
Who would have thought one carrot could run to such an expense

Brent and Kirstin said...

So sorry to hear about that! Glad everything worked out ok though.


Anonymous said...

You better not kill that dog after you got me so attached!!!! See you Saturday!!!!!!! (If you can stand to leave Kimchi) Becki