April 21, 2007

A Fishy Birthday!

A surprise birthday trip! I love a good surprise.

As Trevor planned we hopped on a bus and headed to the southern city of Icheon. Arriving at a spa I was ready for a relaxing birthday treatment. Tea baths, herb baths, mud baths, amethyst heat rooms, and then there were the fish...

The relaxing day came to a sudden halt. "Good for your health," I was told. "Good for your skin," I was coaxed. Apparently these fish are supposed to nibble away any and all dead skin which may be on my body. Nibble. My skin!

'Alright,' I thought. And then I stepped in. It was a sight for the Koreans... but then again I usually am. Squiggling and squirming with thousands upon thousands of these little thumb sized fish tickling me, eating me. It was terrible. I laughed and I curled into a ball as to cover as much exposed skin as possible. It felt like little vacuum cleaners sucking and pulling. I closed my eyes, grabbed Trevor's arm and thought like a true Andrus, 'I can't waste my five bucks."

An hour later, a considerably calmer and more relaxed me would tell you that the experience was worth the money and time. I am not sure about the healing powers of the fish, but I am sure that I will never have another experience like this.


Les said...

Spa package?! Nice work T, though it looks like you may have enjoyed the lil' nibblers more than Rachel.

Scott and Alanna said...

Hi Trevor and Rachel,
I just spent about half an hour checking out your blog. It's great, some awesome photos. Sounds like you guys are having a great time.

Sally said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I really love spas and pools etc, and plan to go to Roman Baths in Launceston for my birthday later this year. BUT - the fish! NO WAY!!!

Dawn said...

Hello again! Had to check out your blog after bumping into you on Face whatch-ya-ma-call-it. Those scavenger fish...don't they know there's better meals on other living creatures, other than humans. Ewww. Check us out at adayinthelifeofdawn.blogspot.com