March 2, 2007


Congratulations to the Kinder Grads of 2006/2007! An ecstatic Minwoo just finished reciting his memoirs to all of the prying parents, as well as, a few Harvard scouts no doubt!

Kindergarten graduation is a funny concept to us westerners, we would presume to call it a cute ceremony. But to these Asian moms it's a whole different story, serious is the name of the game. During the grad ceremony, which we practiced and prepped for extensively, one of the girl's mothers spent the entirety of the time knelt before her daughter fixing her already salon perfect hair, straightening her arrow-straight cap, and polishing her perfect shoes. (I am happy to report that at least this mother allowed her to be somewhat involved in the two songs that the grads had to sing during the ceremony). However as soon as this graduate hit her seat she was back under the spit-thumb of her overbearing mother. I should comment at this point that this child is one of the girls Korea has now labeled as having "princess disease". What is this ailment? It involves a growing generation of girls who think that they are indeed royalty. Nothing in life is good enough for them and contrary to Korean culture they refuse to work hard because they might strain something (a brain, a muscle, a fingernail) and then be unsightly the next day. Their parents can live in squaller as long as they have at least seven different Gucci bags, one for each day of the week. This particular child is 7 years old and acts like the queen of England. I always wondered where she got her straight-faced, "Teacher, I just can't work today because I am too cute" line. Now I know.

Crystal and Kenny are sisters that I teach at Poly. Crystal is a cute energetic girl who is more than happy to be your friend, while Kenny is bright, intelligent and will bring her family honor.

Jessica, the perfect princess.

Julie and Elizabeth holding bouquets larger than they could ever hope to be.


Les said...

Alright so this Minwoo character - clearly the Mad magazine cover boy acting as an american operative in Seoul. What me worry?

Brent and Kirstin said...

Hmmm I definitely concur, Les. The resemblance is eery.