February 12, 2007

A New Man

After 15 years, I finally retired my 80's style glasses. Some people live in the past and that was me right up until Saturday when Rachel helped me jump back on the fashion train. These new specs seem to have a strange power about them because I look smarter and feel wiser. As you can see, I've taken up reading Encyclopædia Britannica cover to cover (I fell asleep after page one) and I stare deeply into life as I ponder new thoughts such as; I wonder if that piece of meat was cooked thoroughly.


Brent and Kirstin said...

Oh Trevor you crack me up. Very nice glasses though.


PS. I thought Kimchi had a mullet now?

Peter & Lorraine said...

Hello from cold, but sunny Alberta!

I see I am not the only one with new glasses!

BTW, thanks for the thanks for the tea. It is awesome what you are guys are doing there and for the wonderful experiences that you are able to enjoy. A little taste of home just helps sometimes!

It is fun for Lorraine and I to see your blog entries. You have shared some awesome photos!! Keep it up!

Les said...

I hope this new, and improved, and apparently intellectual Trevor will still be up for spending some serious hours on diablo 2 at the PC bang. Bring the glasses.

-You've always been beautiful.