December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas from the Olson gang!

Merry Christmas!
And so this was Christmas... but not yet a happy New Year (But that's only because it is only December 25th here). As you can see the Maley's gift to Kimchi was an instant hit, but who should know better about small terriers than Tanya. He also enjoys his new Kong and actually gets upset when you attempt to play fetch with it (this is new as previously he would love to play fetch with anything and everything).
Admittedly, Christmas was different this year; no family, no snow, +10 degrees outside with some leaves still on the trees, only three people and a dog around the not-so-traditional Christmas tree, and I don't think we have ever been so excited to get regular clothing, socks and underwear!

Here is a sensational collage of Trevor (please note that he protested the use of these pictures, however he refused to let me take more pictures of him, so here they are). Becki sent him two of his new favorites: his pajama pants and some little brain tickling puzzles. I gave up on the puzzles before I even started but Trevor had them all figured out in about 45 minutes!
Thank you to all of you who helped to make our first Christmas away from home a memorable one: Mom and Dad Olson; Joline, Raith, Zane, and baby; Tanya, Anthony, Imo, baby, and Roxy; Mom and Dad Andrus; Dave, Karalee and Dawson; Becki and Ryan; Kirstin and Brent Bouwsema; Beth Colborne; Troy Cairns; Nicki Bushman (thanks for holding up the traditions even though we both live worlds away); Les Timmermans (and his random doorbell ringing accompanied by his can of beans); And Maureen Cahoon (with the fruit and the yogurt!).

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