December 26, 2006

Christmas Dinner

As you can see Christmas dinner was at our house this year. Trevor, Les, Beth, myself, and Maureen all crammed around our tiny table to appreciate being with friends over the holidays. It was a nice evening, nothing like either of our Moms' Christmas dinners but I figure that they have had a lot more experience than I have and more than two gas range burners to cook on. Microwaves and ovens are but a dream here in Korea. However, I count this meal a feat when you consider that it was complete with chicken, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, julienned carrots and onions, dinner rolls, and even Real Superstore Christmas crackers (hence the ravishing hats).

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Anonymous said...

Hello Friends... Trevor you're dead!!!.... Hey Rachel you look great! Beth... sounds like you're having a great time! Happy New Years to you guys! I'm here in Florida with Amanda and he Husband (what's with all you married folk anyways)(I guess if it weren't for you married ppl, Beth and I would not have anywhere to go for the holidays he he) Anyways... we are enjoying your blog this holiday and glad that you are having a great time... Amanda and I have been thinking about you guys and miss you all... we need to have a reunion (oh and Amanda was wondering Rachel when you guys were going to start having kids? lol) Well we must go... but take care, make good choices and blessings... Amanda and Carlos Lopez and Ashley Mango Seidlitz