October 31, 2006

The Great Wall of China

"He Who Does Not Reach The Great Wall Is Not A True Man"
When we were in China, the Great Wall was our favorite place that we visited. As it is a structure that has helped to define China for hundreds of years, we had greatly anticipated seeing it. We were excited to walk it at last. As with anything that one waits for in anticipation we expected to arrive and find all of the hype to be nothing more than wives tales or tales of grandure. On the contrary we were not disappointed.
The Great Wall streaches from east to west over mountains, grasslands and deserts for a total length of 5600 km. Its structure is still as sound as when it was first constructed and the crudeness of the construction and lack of government spending on facelifts only added to the experience. It was the one thing in China that we would both recommend that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime and I think someday we would like to venture back.


Anonymous said...

Is that a RachO in this picture?MaMa thinks she might be an impostor.Whats the odds? Yer Pa

Brent and Kirstin said...

Hey Trev--nice Kathmandu shirt! :)

It seems so unreal that you were actually THERE! Very very neat.


Anonymous said...

What and awesome experience for you both. I envy you.
Love, Grandma Dorothy

Anonymous said...

Rachel, Your wearing a necklace, with beads on it, and no hemp string!!!! Wow (looks nice)

Shandel said...

You guys have some amazing pictures! Love the ones of the wall. Peace.