September 2, 2006

Meet Kimchi

Our Yorkshire Terrier was born on June 29th. In the few hours that we have had him, we have realized that he is extremely loyal and affectionate. After many suggestions from our Korean and Canadian friends, we have decided to name him Kimchi (Kimchi is the most popular Korean side dish, however we are not going to eat him). He is not here to replace Monster because nothing could ever take the place of our cat.


Brent and Kirstin said...

Hey...his birthday's the same as Brent's. :) Pretty cute little fellow! My name suggestion: Moses. :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel: Mark & I are sitting here with your Dad & David and are appreciating the wonderful things your seeing & experiencing. Will look forward to future pics.

Sandi Daivs

Peter & Lorraine said...

Lorraine and I have really been enjoying seeing your blog! We both have it bookmarked! Just love the pictures and it is fun keeping up with your adventures. Now for a name for the cute little dog. I think you need to name him "BUSTER" since it does not fit, but would certainly turn heads when you call him. Maybe not in Korea but could here in Canada. Have fun!!!

Peter & Lorraine said...

He is adorable! Since Peter picked out a name - I have one too. Your little guy reminds me of a pup friends of ours have (only part Terrier though). They named her Dory. So my name is Nemo! Might turn more heads than you care - but made sense to me. Enjoy your little puppy!

Nancy Erratt said...

Hey, he's so cute it almost makes me want one too. Enjoy!
PS the girls are growing like crazy and Pamela is enjoying Mrs. Baker's class. A big grade oner!
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Is that Yorkshire pudding... or terrier?


Grace said...

WoW~~she's very cute. How lovely sleeping Kimchi is!! I'd love to see Kimchi......soon