August 1, 2006

Changdeok Palace

In 1405, the Changdeok Palace was built by King Taejong of the Joseon Dynasty as the second palace of the dynasty, the main one being Gyeongbok Palace. Both palaces were burnt down during the Japanese invasion of 1592. After the war, the Changdeok Palace was rebuilt from 1607 - 1610 and served as the main palace until 1868 when the restorations of Gyeongbok Palace were complete. The picture above is of Injeongjeon hall.
Inside the Injeongjeon hall (above) is the kings throne.
And these two like to think that they're royalty.
This is the library that is within the Secret Garden of the Palace. In Seoul the Changdeok Palace is known best for this Secret Garden.

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aunt &uncle @ metiskow said...

enjoying all pictures. its good to see your doing well. keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool pics. would luv to see more. =)
looks like ur having a fun time.


Anonymous said...

cool place, cool pics. if u send su more pics 2 bri, can u send them 2 me 2?? =)