July 29, 2006


This is Hyehwa, also known as "Young Town." The streets are packed full of clothing vendors, resturants, Noraebangs (Korean karaoke), pubs, bars and young people.


Anonymous said...

Wow Trevor, you were right. Nothing but short dark haired people everywhere. Dave says you guys are doing great. Awesome pictures, keep em coming! Take Care, Tara Bergstrom (SOG)
email - tarab@sog.ca

Anonymous said...

Hey Trev, We need to see a picture of you in the middle of all these "short dark haired people". The Blog looks great.

Grace said...

In Hyehwa, There are many little theater. So we can see much funny plays.Unfortunately that speakings are Korean. But If your koean skill is more better, let's go to there. And there are a road music play, a road dancing play, and many road vendors. So not boring street ^^